Playing with Fire

Bart learns a hard lesson about fire danger


This book is perfect for bringing up the subject of fire safety with your little ones. It tells the story of Bart and his friends as they go on a hike and learn about fire safety in a way they did not expect. Bart is very careless when dealing with matches and he does not want to listen to his friends’ warning. They tell him how easily a fire can get started in a forest and the harm it can do to the animals and trees. But Bart does not care too much

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for what they are saying about fire safety.

So he goes off by himself and starts a fire to cook something to eat. He forgets to put out the fire and leaves it burning, only to wake up and find himself trapped in the midst of a forest fire. What happens to him and his friend caught in the fire makes interesting reading especially to see how Bart learns his lesson about fire safety the hard way. If you and your child love to read together, then you are going to love this!

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The typical fascination that children even after receiving basic fire safety education have and the attraction to lighters and matches inspired the writing of this book. Please, talk to your kids, show them the book characters and discuss all this with them. Use the form provided and encourage children to send us pictures. That will help them to learn this valuable lesson better.

We will email you back link where to upload your pictures.

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