Books for 6 Year Olds – Aiden and the Lion Scary Adventure

This books for 6 year olds is for Aiden. He is very curious but he is not interested fairy tales or magic and witches. He likes to read and to know all about airplanes, rockets, cars and motorcycles. He can distinguish every make of the cars, even in the dark from the headlights. and he likes to listen to the conversations of the grown-ups. But most of the time he had to go to bed, since the visitors are coming at night time.
This night a guest was coming again as he told his parents all about his adventure he had in Egypt. Aiden listen as the visitor told them about the Pyramids, palm trees, the Sphinx. And about his adventure in the desert as a terrible sandstorm hit them.
Aiden then then his own imagination, what might could happen.
But Dad told him again, to go to bed.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Inspires kids minds
By Monika Werneron December 14, 2016

I just read Aiden and the Lion with my niece and she absolutely loved it. Beautiful story and beautiful drawings that gets kids imagination going and inspired, while teaching them to respect adults. Very well done, I would highly recommend this book to anyone with children.

5.0 out of 5 stars Cute
ByDiamondon December 4, 2016

Cute book, fun to read! My grandson is almost 3 and he enjoyed having me read it to him. It’s a very short book, but it comes with some color and activity pages.

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Aiden and the Lion Very big and scary adventure – B

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