Cats and Kittens Book – Liam and the Kittens

This cats and kittens book is for Liam who loves animals. He counts a dog and several pigeons as members of his family, but he really wants a cat.

When he stumbles across a beautiful black and white cat wandering alone in his garden, he is overjoyed when his parents say he can keep her. He names her Luna and soon the two become best friends, enjoying adventures and spending all their time together.

When Luna decides to start a family of her own, Liam’s parents help him understand how Luna is changing and that kittens will soon join them.

Written with easy to understand the language in a kid-friendly approach, this book is a down to Earth introduction to the lives of the animal’s we call friends. Beautiful illustrations grace each page, adding vibrancy to a story both children and adults will love.

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 Story of life

5.0 out of 5 stars By Florida Kayaker HALL OF FAME TOP 10 REVIEWER on November 12, 2016

Liam is a boy that loves animals and wants a cat. He soon finds a cat and is allowed to keep his new pet. Before long his new cat, Luna, meets the neighbor cat, Oliver. Luna becomes quite plump. Liam watches as Luna looks for good nesting spots. Soon Luna presents the family with a collection of furry kittens.

This book gently tells the story of how animals reproduce. There are no graphic details, just a vague explanation that works for young children.

The illustrations are fun and appropriate for each page.

Possibly the best thing about this book is that you can subscribe to the authors page and get free video or audio links. You can also print out all or any of the illustration pages in black and white so that you can color them.

I try to read to my grandchildren as much as possible. Being able to pick up a tablet and read a book to them helps them to realize that electronics and reading go together, not just electronics and games. Having well written and illustrated books like this one enable me to constantly surprise them with a new book.

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Liam and the Kittens - Cats and Kittens Book

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