How Gordony Defeat the Bully

& has the courage to be who he is?


“It’s a great story for the little ones on how to be nice, kind, well mannered and put a stop to bullying”

“It’s a great story for the little ones on how to be nice, kind, well mannered and put a stop to bullying”

“How Gordony Defeats The Bully & Has the Courage To Be Who He Is? is a delightful  book about good and bad manners, among other things, for kids.”

Gordony and Bondy are two brothers but they are  so different.  Bondy, the older brother is a bully who frightens others into giving him what he wants and he is trying to teach his baby  brother to be like him. He wants Gordony to be fierce and cruel and to terrorize everyone in the jungle. But all his little brother wants is to be gentle, polite, well-mannered and to have many friends. This behavior from Gordony makes his brother angry and so he drives him away from home because Bondy feels that his well-mannered little brother is spoiling his reputation as a big bad bully.

This book will appeal to brothers and children in general who are trying to adjust to each other being different. The reader will learn about true friendship, the power of kindness and the virtue of good manners as well as the part that choice plays in who we become.

This book is perfect for bedtime reading where parents can talk about the ideas with their children and individual readers can benefit too as they think about what they take time to think about have read.

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