How to get babies to sleep thru the night?

Your child’s night waking isn’t always straightforward – we understand. Sometimes it’s hunger; sometimes it’s discomfort; sometimes it’s separation anxiety – and sometimes it’s just plain mysterious! So, how to get babies to sleep thru the night?
How to get babies to sleep thru the nightYou want your baby happy and healthy and don’t like seeing him cry. He needs to sleep properly and learn how to sleep without any crying or difficulty.
Every parent would want that. Unfortunately, all children, despite the method you use, surely will shed some tears in the process. Let’s see why they cry and how to get babies to sleep thru the night.

Children hate changes and when learning to sleep, express his resistance by crying. They are understandably frustrated as begin to learn how to sleep but haven’t yet understood out how to do so. Falling asleep is considered a learned behavior and each of us has to discover alone what to do to fall asleep.
If you read that, your child hasn’t learned this essential skill. So, how to get babies to sleep thru the night?

Each person has different ways to calm ourselves into sleep, and your baby will surely find a way that’s perfect just for him. He will discover those things better without you picking him up.
If you “help” him, he will cry more because your touching feels like a tease and reinforce the crying.

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How to get babies to sleep thru the night

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